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Foreword from the President of AEFCA

In the first week of September, two fundamentally important meetings of AEFCA’s Executive Committee took place at FIFA’s headquarters, the ‘Home of FIFA’. In the afternoon of 3rd September, a partnership  agreement was signed with Moscow-based Telesport, a Russian TV company. The agreement was concluded for a term of three years, i.e. from 2015 to 2017. Peter Makarenko, the President of Telesport,      travelled to Zurich exclusively for this special occasion. The agreement is a milestone in the development of our association.

The highly symbolic partnership agreement was signed at FIFA’s head-quarters called the ‘Home of FIFA’. AEFCA can be proud to have     entered into partnership with Telesport, the leading company in the      Russian sports market. We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to all those who made decisive contributions to making this agreement a reality, in particular to former General Secretary Karlheinz Raviol and our expert ExCo member Mikhail Gershkovich from Moscow.

We are very much looking forward to successful, long-term, productive and inspiring co-operation with Telesport, which enables us to focus yet more effectively on high-quality training of   European football coaches, and to foster the coaches’ profession and reputation.
On 4th September, AEFCA continued its meeting with a full agenda containing eleven items. The main focus was on maintaining independence of our organisation within the realm of UEFA, the European umbrella organisation. A      clear-cut approach to our tasks and challenges is just as much part of our activities as modesty in our strategic moves.

It is our foremost cause to focus our activities primarily on grassroots (youth and women’s) football rather than the   highest professional level.
The purpose of AEFCA is not to provide basic and further training for coaches in the national associations; it is much rather our honour and obligation to support these associations in their activities and to provide advice and efficient   assistance to them.

This is an important element of our responsibility vis-à-vis the national associations. Last but not least, it is our task to actively support our coaching colleagues in the 48 national associations, to view them as significant partners, and to assist them in difficult situations, just like FIFPRO does for players.

Our partners UEFA and FIFA will assist us with advice and thus contribute to achieving our objectives in co-operation with us. I am convinced that AEFCA is going to become ever more significant because respect and solidarity are     fundamentally important values in these fast-paced times. And these are precisely the values we are committed to.

Yours in sport,

AEFCA President Walter Gagg

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